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Stop doubting, start packing
You can surf in Sri-Lanka or learn the gratitude practice on a hike around Annapurna, but no matter what you choose - your life will never be boring again.
I have lived a boring life for 3 years. Going to a job, that seemed fine, doing something I was actually good at. But still I felt this empty place inside that no amount of coffee, x-box, Friday bar nights could fill.
Waking up at 7am and dreading the sound of the alarm, because I knew I'd spend an hour going to work that I don't even like. It's something I would probably leave in a year or two. It's temporary, before I can actually start doing something meaningful and enjoy my life. Right?

For 3 years I procrastinated and changed nothing. I could spend an evening reading a self-help book, something like Robin Sharma or watched Oprah Sunday Soul Sessions and got so inspired to change everything - learn how to dance or finally go to Spain.But a few days later LIFE GOT IN THE WAY. And I always has enough excuses to keep my beautiful little ass in the comfort zone, where I thought it belonged.

- Oh, no, I didn't write the article I meant to send to National Geographic...Well, you know, work - I had so little time!

-No, I didn't go to volunteer at the shelter. Went to a bar with my buddies last night and slept till noon, you know?

- A marathon? Sure, I still want to! But it's so hard to find the time for gym...How many times I went? Well, I didn't go this month. Maybe I'll start in September.

Deep inside, I knew I could craft the live I want. Thoughts an actions should come hand in hand and I thought I would start acting. Some other day. Not now.

Procrastination was killing me and I wasn't even brave enough admit that I was lying to myself. I sometimes got jealous of the girls and guys, who actually did something nice - who went to other places and saw the world. Who helped underprivileged children learn how to read. I secretly envied people, who did things and actually felt like they were living the life and not existing.

I realised that something's had to shange or I would wake up when I'm 80 and have no time or energy to try all the things I actually want!

If you had some life-changing experience that help you realize, you're a mortal - I envy you. Because most people value their time, when it's too late!
Going to a boring job
Setteling for less, instead of taking risks, while you're young

I spent over 4 years meditating and now live the life, fully appreciating what I have and what is yet to come. There is no "later" for me now. I do everything right away, or admit I don't want it enough.

You never really have as much time, as you think you have. You only have now. You only have this life in this body and you better be living a life worth remembering.

Take a look at the trips that WILL 100% change you
Pick a trip worthy of your soul
Meditation trip
Go trekking in Nepal with spiritual practices, taught as an interactive game on your way
Surfing trip
Conquer the waves in Sri-Lanka
Try exotic fruit and meet local surfers
Snowboarding trip
Slide down the Caucasus snow-capped peaks
French language trip
Visit romantic France, lavender fields, coffee with croissants and lots of French
Trekking trip
See the World's deepest lake - the Baikal lake in Russia
Biking trip
Come to Norway and ride bikes with breathtaking fields and Fjords
See all mindful trips
You have a dream. We take you there.
Going to a different country is a chance to experience life
with no restrictions of your past
Travel mindfully
Pick a spot. Choose a date.
Enjoy an active trip
Surfing in Sri-Lanka, Trekking in Caucaus mountains, meditation in Annapurna in Nepal
Make crazy photos
Locations worthy of your Instagram. Memories worthy of your grandchildren
Eat like a local
Delicious national food. Try something you have never eaten before!
Meet your tribe
Small groups - big talks. We are not really strangers
Save time
No need to take different trips. You can both be on vacation and learn how to do something amazing!
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