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Secret places you will find the best food in Tbilisi, Georgia
This is a list we made with ease, because the locals have recommended lots of cafes and restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia.
⠀⠀Now we present you with the ultimate Tbilisi guide to fill your belly with delicious Georgian food:
Veriko - marvellous place right above Hard Rock cafe, where you'll be served with different cuisine and also enjoy the air. This is the place I want to visit badly since our guide was almost drilling while talking about the place - everything is extremely tasty, he said. And this man lived in Tbilisi all his life, need I remind you.
1 Vasil Petrashvili Street, Tbilisi
Keto and Kote - amazing food, great atmosphere and real georgean interior design. Just looking at the place I want to go there.
3 Mikheil Zandukeli Dead End, Tbilisi
Tutarchela - nice place, great for big companies. Megreli (part of Georgia) cuisine is delicious.
5 Misheladze St, Tbilisi
Shemomechama - literally translates like : "I ate even though I didn't want to". More like a fast food spot you can eat simply. No fancy yard or a giant menu in 3 languages but they say the khinkali are crazy and you end up filling up even if you weren't hungry at all.
8 Mtxkheta Street, Tbilisi
Shavi Lomi (black lion) - great feedback, options for vegetarians, traditional Georgean meals. Located close to Fabrika too, so if you're pass by, definitely do order something!
28 Zurab Kvilidze Street, Tbilisi
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