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↟Georgia | Svaneti
Trip to the mountains in June 2020
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Our trip to Georgia in 2020
Georgia | Svaneti
5 - 16 JUNE

Price of the trip

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8 people

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12 days

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June, 5
Arrival to Tbilisi
  • Transfer from the airport - a comfortable taxi brings you to the true Georgian house, where you unpack and take a quick shower
  • We take a nice relaxed walk through the Old city (that instafamous part to Tbilisi that looks like Europe) and stop by the Botanical Garden to eat some hot bread (s h o t i) and fruit
  • Talk about our future trip and paint next to the waterfall at the heart of the Botanical garden
June, 6
Mtskheta, leave for Svaneti
  • Visit Mtskheta and look at the one of the oldest cities of Georgia, it is located approximately 20 km (12 miles) north of Tbilisi
  • Come back to Tbilisi and leave for Svaneti on the night train
June, 7
  • Arrive to Zugdidi train station and take a transfer to Mestia.
  • Stay at a beautiful family house (Ratiani) and eat a home-made dinner
  • Explore the family tower, look at some of the most ancient towers in Georgia 6th-12th centuries
  • Buy anything necessary for the trip at the local shop and send the postcards: one of them for ourselves - a little ritual Mindful Trip will teach you - helps with setting the right intention for the trip
June, 8
Hiking to Koruldi lakes

  • No heavy backpacks, just water and lunch
  • Stop at the Iron Cross - the viewpoint. You can see all Mestia from up there and make amazing pictures
  • Lunch at the lakes
  • 6-7 hrs / 20 km / 12,4 miles
June, 9 - June, 12
Starting from the 9th June we start our awesome Svaneti Trek
4 trekking days in Svaneti ↟
June, 9
1st trekking day Mestia - Chvabiani (7-8 hrs / 17 km / 10,5 miles)

- Alpine meadows filled with cows and goats
- Chamomile fieldsLunch with a mountain view
- Look at Tetnuldi mountain
- Have a homemade dinner and sleep at the guest hous

June, 10
2nd trekking day Chvabiani - Adishi (6 hrs / 13 km / 8 miles)

- Amazing view 2480 m
- Stay at the guest house and order horses for tomorrow's river crossing

June, 11
3rd trekking day Adishi - Iprali (7 hrs / 19 km / 11,8 miles)

- Cross the river on horses
- Reach the highest point of our trekking trip 2780m (Chunderi passage)
- See Rhododendron leaves : a medicinal plant that helps stimulate the blood pressure and relieves the headache
- Enjoy the amazing view in our way down the mountain trail

June, 12
4th trekking day Iprali - Ushguli (5 hrs / 14 km / 8,6 miles)

- Enjoy the quiet day, stop for lunch
- Stop at the highest inhabited settlements in Europe - Ushguli (UNESCO world heritage)
June, 13
Horse Riding, transfer to Mestia
  • Get light breakfast
  • Ride on horses to the Shkhara mountain (the highest point in Georgia)
  • Look at the Glacier up close (2 km walk on foot)
  • Transfer to Mestia
June, 14
Explore Mestia
  • Drink amazing coffee with homemade chocolate at the local coffee place (you can buy lavender or mountain tea here)
  • Go see the "Sky swing" on a cable railway
  • Eat lots of tasty chachapuri
  • Leave to Zugdidi for a train to Tbilisi
June, 15
Day in Tbilisi
  • Arrive to the city in the morning and go to a guest house
  • Spend the day buying the souvenirs
  • Buy the best churchhela (national dessert from nuts and grape syrup) for your family and friends
  • Final dinner

June, 16
Transfer to Airport

PS: Visit Lisi lake with those who stay longer
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What do I need to take with?
Here is you find a Trekking checklist https://bitly.su/KFNIUEZr
Included in the price:
Best located guest-houses though all trip
3 Meals per day
Everything you need during the trek
Airport - Tbilisi - Mestia - Tbilisi - Airport
Tour to Mtskheta
One of the oldest cities in Georgia
Horse riding to the Glacier Shkhara
Friendly beasts
Mindfulness practices
Meditation, gratitude practices and more
Excursions in Mestia
Your team lead during the trip
Paid separately:
Tickets to Tbilisi
Meals in the cities, Tbilisi and Mtskheta
Georgian Visa
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