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Olga Zoloto
Worked in Russian IT company before leaving the office. Passionate about dogs and believe you can only live in the now. Crazy about sport challenges:

Marathon (42 km), IronMan 70.3, Bike TransAlp (7 days race), Elbrus (alt. 5621 m)

Favorite books: Leo Tolstoy - Anna Karenina, Markus Zusak - The Book Thief

Been to: 35 countries (top 5 - Argentina, Iceland, France, Georgia, Italy)

Wants to go to: Ecuador, Canada, Kenya

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Tatiana Nikan
Mindful marketing and SMM specialist, writer, blogger. Worked in the office and decided to teach people how to earn money by doing what they love on Instagram. Now a full-time traveller. Works with conscious businesses and writes the articles for Mindful Trip community. Passionately seeking the spiritual growth and loves to share the insights on travelling with the people, who enjoy learning something new.

Favorite books: Ayne Rand - the Atlas Shrugged, Salinger, Short stories - Teddy

Been to: Nepal, Spain, USA, Russia, Georgia,Turkey, China

Wants to go to: Canada, Norway, India

Cleansing Cora in Nepal (38km)
Perezagruzka (Karelia retreat)
Founder of 2 businesses

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